FossFlakes Baby Pillow & Duvet Set

Sale! Foss Flakes Baby Pillow & Duvet Set

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Children’s sleep is important for their growth, learning abilities and energy to play. Older children need a larger duvet to keep warm and a pillow to cuddle and to provide the best support for the child’s head and neck for a good night sleep.

The Fossflakes filling material feels naturally soft and keep its volume longer.

Fossflakes Baby Pillow & Duvet are hypoallergenic and machine washable at 60° C, making them easy to keep clean and free of dust mites. They retain their suppleness and volume, even after frequent washing and usage. Easy to fluff back into shape.

Set includes:

Baby Pillow -  11"x16.5"  

Baby Duvet - 29.5" x 39.5"

Filling: 70% Fossflakes Essential + 30% Fossflakes Clusters                

Cover: 100% Cotton cambric, thread count 233

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FossFlakes Baby Pillow & Duvet Set

FossFlakes Baby Pillow & Duvet Set

Fossflakes Baby Pillow & Duvet Set

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